Once your Gmail account has been permanently disconnected from Reply due to an error (e.g. Invalid credentials), you need to connect it back.
You cannot connect the same email address twice, so you need to remove the one which is disconnected from the list.

Case #1

There is only one email account connected, it's default and it's red.
There is a workaround for that:

  • Open the Email Accounts tab of the Settings page.
  • Click the Add button (+) and add some random email account (or select Other and put any values into mandatory fields and save).
  • Make this fake email account your Default account.
  • Delete your actual email account, which has been disconnected, from the list.
  • Use the Add button (+) to connect it again via the Gmail option and make it Default.
  • Delete the fake email account.
  • Go to your sequence -> settings and re-assign the email account for sending.

Case #2

You have multiple email accounts connected, the one you need to reconnect is Default.

  • Open the Email Accounts tab of the Settings page.
  • Once it's done, make one of the accounts Default as shown on the picture below.
  • Remove the disconnected (red) email account.
  • Connect the Gmail account via Single Click again by using the Add (+) button.
  • Go to your sequence -> Settings and re-assign email account for sending.

The sequence will be resumed within 10-15 minutes according to your Schedule.

Please, note: if you are connecting free gmail account ([email protected]), you may face issues with blocking your account  by Gmail, as free accounts don’t imply mass mailing.

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