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Why are replies not being detected by Reply?
Why are replies not being detected by Reply?

Here are the most common reasons for cases when sequence responses from your Reply sequences cannot be detected properly and how to fix it

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Reply connects your email account via IMAP (receiving emails) and SMTP (sending emails) settings.

The email account specified in the IMAP section is the one we use to check contact replies. The system checks for replies each hour, but if there was any connectivity error, detection can take more time (up to 3 hours maximum).

  • Keep all replies in the main inbox folder for at least 3 hours in order for our system to have time to detect them.

  • Do not move emails anywhere to another folder, otherwise, Reply will not be able to detect them and mark people as Replied. This leads to sending follow-up emails to those who already replied.

  • Reply detects forwarded emails only if they have been forwarded from within the original email (not if composed a new email). It should contain the email address of the prospect from your system to be detected.

  • The email account that is assigned to the sequence is connected properly, i.e. green in Settings - Email Accounts.

  • We can detect replies only for the contacts that have the Active and Contacted statuses in the sequence.

  • The sequence should be live (green). We do not track replies in paused sequences. This does not refer to the sequences that have reached their sending limits or were suspended due to high bounce/opt-out rates.

Please note: Reply detects responses based on the email address, therefore, there is no connection to the sequence at all. If you had a personal conversation with a prospect before, and there are replies from them in your email account inbox, Reply will consider that as a response and mark a prospect Replied in your Reply sequence.

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