Can I attach images to my email step?

Learn ways to attach an image to your emails

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There are 3 ways to add an image to the sequence step depending on whether you prefer a link or direct upload:

  • inserting an image link

  • uploading an image from your computer

  • using HTML editor

Inserting the image with a link

If you prefer to go with the link variant, here is what you need to do:

  • go to the sequence and open the step template

  • click the Insert/Edit image icon

  • paste the image link to the Source field

  • add the image name

  • correct the dimensions if needed

Uploading an image from the computer

If the image you need is on your computer, you can upload it into the template directly. The steps are similar to the link upload:

  • open the sequence template

  • click the Upload image icon

  • click in the center of the window and pick the file

Adding an image with the HTML editor

Apart from the image-related icons, you can use the source code to create your emails. There is a dedicated icon in the step template:

๐Ÿ’ก Important: our HTML editor only accepts the basic attributes. If there are issues with the code, you can contact our Support team. They can provide you with a list of accepted attributes.

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