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Reply Referral Program
Reply Referral Program

Learn how the referral program works in Reply and how to refer friends and colleagues to the platform and earn data credits and discounts

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With the Reply referral program, as a current platform user, you have the opportunity to recommend the platform to colleagues or peers and send them invites via referral links. For every successful referral (i.e., when someone accepts your invitation and signs up), both you and your referred contacts receive exclusive perks.

Referral programs harness the trust and relationships that existing users have with their network to attract new users. Both the referrer and the referee benefit from special offers, creating a win-win situation. It's an effortless method to share benefits with peers while growing the Reply community.

How the Referral Program Works in Reply

Anyone who is a user of the Reply platform can participate in the referral program. Invite as many new users as you like and earn data credits and discounts for every successful referral.

For the Referrer (someone who sends invites):

  • Share your unique referral link with potential users.

  • For every successful referral (i.e., someone who signs up using your link), you receive 50 recurring data credits each month.

  • Data credits are renewed every month and can be used for contact discovery on the Data page or directly when creating sequences.

  • Additionally, whenever your referred contact makes a purchase on Reply, you get 5% of that purchase as promotional credits to your balance, which can be used for your own Reply purchases.

  • These promotional credits will be applied to your next purchase. You can then use this accumulated credit to offset or cover your own future purchases. For example, if the person you referred spends $100 on Reply, you'll get $5 in credit that you can use towards your own purchases on Reply.

For the Referee (someone who accepts the invite and signs up):

  • Sign up using a referral link.

  • Enjoy a 30% discount on the first purchase made on the platform.

Remember, the more people you invite and refer, the more rewards you can accumulate!


  • You'll receive credits to your balance three days after a purchase made by your referral.

  • If a referral cancels their plan within three days or is blocked, you won't earn rewards for that referral.

Using the Referral Program

To participate in the referral program, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the "Refer & Earn" page by clicking on your email address, located in the top right corner of the header.

2. Enter the email address(es) of those you wish to invite. Multiple addresses can be added simultaneously. Click on the Invite button, and an email with an invitation and a sign-up link will be sent to the entered contacts automatically.

3. Alternatively, share your referral link on social media or via email. This way, your invite may reach a larger group of people since everyone who sees the link can become your referral.

Simply choose your preferred method (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Email), copy the link, and post it.

Tracking the Progress of Your Referrals

On the same Refer & Earn page, you can easily check the statistics section with all your achievements related to the referral program. This includes:

  • Total number of referrals.

  • Number of customers gained from referrals.

  • Data credits earned.

  • Total earnings from the program.

Additionally, you can view a detailed overview of invited users and check the current status of their referrals (e.g., invitation sent, registered, subscribed).

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