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How to create custom categories for your threads
How to create custom categories for your threads
Learn how to easily create a custom category for your threads in your Inbox
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By categorizing your threads, you can easily sort and prioritize your messages based on their importance and relevance. This can help you save time and increase your productivity by allowing you to focus on the most critical messages first.

For example, you can accurately mark the tone of voice of each client or create a category for each campaign you're working on. This can allow you and your team members to easily find and review relevant messages. You can look at the number and types of messages in each category to find trends and patterns that can help you make decisions about how to run your outreach strategy.

Create a custom category for your threads

To create a custom category:

  1. Open the Inbox.

  2. Navigate to the inbox categories section on the left side and click on the plus button.

  3. Enter a name for the category and pick the color for its label.

  4. Click Create.

That's it! The new category will be automatically pinned to the section with all inbox categories.

To make it easier for you to navigate your inbox, you can pin or unpin specific inbox categories from the main view. Simply click on the "Manage categories" โš™๏ธ icon, then check or uncheck the desired categories, and click "Apply."

You can also click on the three vertical dots near the category in the main view to perform such actions as unpin, edit, and delete the category.

Please note. Custom categories can be created at the team level. This means other team members can view the categories created by everyone else on the team. One category cannot be created twice; it should be unique for a team.

Both standard and custom categories are available in native integrations making it easy to sync interested leads from Reply to your CRM and other apps.

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