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How to set up email notifications
How to set up email notifications

Learn how to set up email notifications for you and your team members to receive email reports and notification about sequence errors

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More → Settings → Emails → Email notifications allow you to set up sending email reports to you and your team members.

There are three types of reports you can enable:

  • Team reports

  • Sequence error reports

  • Notification when the token expires

Please note. All configurations in the Email notifications section are available for the team owners/admins only (Team Off, Team Private, Team Public). Only team owners and admin can set up Reports.

Enable Team reports

Team reports let you view how many emails were sent from your Reply account in the specified time interval. You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly team reports.

To enable receiving team reports, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the More → Settings button from the header menu.

  2. Navigate to the Emails tab and then expand the Email notifications section.

  3. Switch the toggle Reports.

  4. Set the period of time during which you want to receive email reports. Available options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

  5. Add the recipient of the reports. The recipient field may already have the Team owner’s/admin’s email specified by default. You can add several email addresses by separating them with commas.

  6. Click "Save Settings." That's it! You can change the settings and add or remove email addresses at any time.

Enable reports on sequence errors

Reports about sequence errors let you be notified of any errors occurred with your sequences within the past 24 hours.

Switch the toggle Send reports on sequence errors to receive sequence error reports. If the issue in the team member’s sequence occurs, the sequence report will be sent to the specified recipient(s) once a day. This report will also include recommendations on how to fix them.

Enable notification when the connection token expires

Notification about connection token expired allows you to be instantly notified when connection token of any of your sending email(s) expires and the sequence is not sending.

Switch the toggle Send notification when connection token expires to receive instant notification. If you receive such a notification, here is instruction on how to reconnect your email account.

For two aforementioned email reports, add the email addresses to which these reports will be sent. Enter as many email addresses as you want and separate them with commas. Click "Save Settings."

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