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Calls in Reply step in Salesforce integrations [Beta]
Calls in Reply step in Salesforce integrations [Beta]

Learn how to initiate the sync of calls with contacts logged in Reply with Salesforce using ownership mappings fields

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Calls in Reply to Contacts/ Lead tasks in Salesforce are one of the available sync steps in the Reply <> Salesforce integration. These steps allow you to sync records about calls with contacts between two platforms.

Calls in Reply step includes:

  • Fields mapping. This block uses predefined mappings for this type of synchronization, you cannot manually change these settings.

  • Filtering rules. Use filters created on the People page to narrow down the group of contacts whose call data you want to sync.

  • Ownership mappings. Set ownership mappings to initiate the sync of calls: mapp the exact team members from Reply (under which calls were logged) with the team members from Salesforce to whom these activity records will be transferred. This is a mandatory block for call synchronization.

Team members from both platforms are potential owners of the same contacts. Once you map contact owners between two platforms, Reply activity about calls will be transferred and logged under the selected Salesforce user.

As a result, the history of calls with the contact in Reply will be transferred and visible in Salesforce to better understand how to further process that contact in Salesforce.


  • The calls can be synced only if there is a corresponding activity/record about it.

  • Each item can be synced only once.

  • Calls are available for sync 30 min after completion to make sure we have the recording from Twilio.

  • Call ownership does not change contact ownership.

To set up Calls in Reply step, follow these steps:

1. Open Integrations, and navigate to the Salesforce block.

2. Click Connect if you haven't connected your Salesforce account; otherwise, click Configure.

3. Select one or a few types of contact synchronization (if there are no such steps, click Add sync step):

  • Calls in Reply β†’ Contacts tasks in Salesforce

  • Calls in Reply β†’ Leads tasks in Salesforce

4. Use Filtering rules if needed.

5. Navigate to the Ownership mappings section and mapp the Reply and Salesforce owners of contacts.

You can set up multiple pairs for ownership mappings. To add more pairs for sync, click on + Add owner mapping.

Please note:

  • By default, there is pre-set pair: Reply account from which the integration is set up + the Salesforce account connected to the integration.

  • Synchronization of calls from one team member on the Reply's side can be initiated only for one Salesforce user per sync. This means you can choose only one team member on the Reply side per one sync.

  • On the Salesforce side, you can select all SF accounts you have access. You can select one Salesforce account several times per one sync.

6. Click Save to save the current step, or click Save and apply for all steps to apply settings to other call steps.

7. Switch the toggle Disabled/Enabled and press the Sync Now button. That's it, check your Salesforce!

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