SDRs and SDR Leads can apply different sets of filters to the Emails dashboard on the fly or use saved filters to analyze reports based on data important to them, gather valuable and meaningful email reporting information, and learn and improve processes and results.

You can filter statistics by the following filters: Date, Members, Email Message type (automatic or manual), Email template, Company, Industry, City, State, Country, Title, Sequences, Sequence step, Email accounts. The actual filter is the result of a number of selected values using AND condition.

How to apply filters

  1. Navigate to ReportsEmails.

  2. Click the Filter icon in the top right corner of the page.

  3. In the side panel that appears, click the filter to open it.

  4. Select the value(s) in the field that appears.

  5. Click Apply. Report statistics changes in accordance with the applied filters.

Repeat the process to apply as many filters as you need.

How to clear filters

You can clear individual filters or all the applied filters at once.

To clear all the filters, click Clear all at the top of the side panel.

To clear an individual filter, click x next to it.

How to save filters

You can save any combination of applied filters for future use. To do that,

  1. Click Save at the top of the side panel once you've applied the filters as explained above:

  2. Provide the name for the filter in the dialog box that appears and save the filter:

How to select saved filters

You can quickly access and apply your saved filters at a later time by clicking Saved filters in the top right corner of the page, next to the Filter icon and selecting the filter from the list that appears.

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