Email service providers (ESP) set up limits on the email volume which you can send from your email account. This approach is used to protect against spammers that tend to send big amounts of emails at once. If a sender exceeds the acceptable threshold, the emails are bounced back. This is called email throttling, and in this article, you’ll learn how to set up throttling limits for your benefit.

To set a limit for sending emails per minute from one email account:

  1. In your Reply account, open the Email Accounts tab of the Settings page and select the account you want to set a throttling limit for.

  2. Scroll down to the Safety settings section:

3. By default, the toggle is disabled and the total number of emails per minute is set to 30. Switch the toggle on to adjust your throttling limit as well as its frequency:

4. You can now set the required limit for your email account. You’re all done!

Please note: Outlook 365 limits its users to 30 emails per minute, and you’ll see this notification on the right side of the toggle.


  • If an email account is connected to more than one sequence, the limit set per minute is valid for all sequences.

  • If an email account is connected to multiple Reply accounts that are NOT part of one team, the limit set per minute is valid for each account separately.

  • If a sequence stops sending emails from an email account because of the throttling limit, all planned emails are moved to the next minute.

To find out more about the existing limits in Reply, read this article.

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