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Managing delays between emails
Managing delays between emails

Learn how to set up limits on the email volume per minute

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Email service providers set up limits on how many emails you can send daily. This helps prevent spamming, where many emails are sent at once. If you go over the limit, your emails might bounce back. It is called email throttling and we will show you how to manage this.

You can set a limit for emails per minute for the whole mailbox:

  • Go to the Email Accounts tab of the Settings.

  • Click on the needed mailbox and choose the Safety settings part.

  • Turn the Delay between each email sent toggle on.

  • Select time in seconds.

Another place with the delay between emails is the sequence settings tab. Here you can set up a delay for the whole campaign.

๐Ÿ’ก Important:

  • The delay between emails influences the sending, the higher the limit the slower the emails are sent.

  • If you use one mailbox for a few Reply accounts, the limit is separate for each.

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