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The Call Recording feature lets you record calls to your Reply contacts and access call records from the Contact Sidebar. 

To enable Call Recording:

  1. Log into your Reply account as a Team Owner. 

  2. On the Tools tab of the Settings page, expand the Call Features section. 

  3. Enable the Call recording toggle. 

  4. In the Who can listen to call recordings drop-down list, select the Team owner or Anyone option.  

  5. In the Who can turn on call recording drop-down list select the Everyone or Always record option. 

  6. Click Save settings.  

The Everyone or Always record options define whether Call Recording is enabled forcibly for all team members or at the discretion. 

For more information about pricing for Call Recording, see the following article.

How to listen to call recordings

To listen to a call recording with a particular contact, open the contact sidebar and expand the activity.  

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