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How can I save a sequence as a template?
How can I save a sequence as a template?

You can save any existing outreach sequence as a template to re-use it for your future sequences. Here's how you can do it in minutes.

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The system saves all sequence settings except prospects. To create a sequence template:

  1. Open the Sequences page of your Reply account.

  2. Hover over the sequence you want to save as a template.

  3. Open the drop-down menu and click Save as template.

  4. In the Save sequence as template dialog window edit the template name and description.

  5. Click Save.

To create a sequence from a template:

  1. On the Sequences page, click the New sequence button.

  2. In the Create a sequence dialog window, click From template.

  3. In Select a template, click Team templates, and select your saved template.

  4. Click Create.

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