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Use the extension to create and manage sequences, contacts, and templates

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Reply's plugin is a simple version of Reply designed for integration with Gmail. It helps you manage your sequences, add new people, and access templates within your mailbox. All actions and updates in Gmail are instantly synchronized with your Reply account.

Here is how you may set the plugin and try this yourself:

  1. Install the extension and log into it.

  2. Open the Gmail account you use in Reply.

  3. Click Compose.

The extension can help you with the following👇

  • Saving templates - write any template you click and save them to your Reply library.

  • Moving contacts to sequences - enter the prospect's email and move them right to the campaign.

  • Using existing templates - you can insert templates from Reply's library or your own folders.

Make sure you have the latest version of the extension and you are good to go!

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