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Automatic calls on opens
Automatic calls on opens

Learn how to manage automatic calls to the contact after they open your email

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The system can automatically trigger a call to the contact once an email is opened a specific number of times. In this article, you will learn how to manage and set up these calls.

πŸ’‘ Important:

  • The Cloud Calls must be enabled.

  • The contact should have a valid phone number in the Phone field.

Once you are ready to trigger the calls for your prospects, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings tab of your sequence

  • Move to the Calls handling tab

  • Turn the Automatically call on opens toggle on

  • Choose the number of opens

The minimum value of opens to trigger the call is 3 but we recommend sticking to 4-7 opens for a call.

If you activate the Pause on successful call toggle, we will not email the contact after the successful call (more than 6 seconds).

Here is what happens when you set everything up: the system calls your prospect, but connects with you first, telling you the sequence name and the contact's name and offers a call. You can either accept the connection or decline it.

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind: the system will try calling a contact only within the scheduled hours. If the contact triggers the call outside the schedule, we will wait until the next opening.

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