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How to Use One-Line Opener Personalization
How to Use One-Line Opener Personalization

Learn how to use a one-line opener personalization to initiate communications with personalized and custom-crafted sentences

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One-Line Opener Personalization is an innovative feature that crafts a unique, tailored sentence for a contact by analyzing their professional or company profile.

Similar to Jason AI's approach to email personalization, it focuses on creating a single, impactful sentence that reflects the latest developments in the contact's professional life. It extracts significant details like recent job changes or notable professional social media activities and then generates appropriate text based on these insights.

Each personalized sentence is stored as a custom variable in the contact's profile card, ready for use at any time. This streamlines your communication, enabling quick, personalized interactions. The result is more relevant and effective engagement, fostering deeper, more meaningful professional connections.

Enabling One-Line Opener Personalization

Follow these steps to activate a one-line opener personalization:

  1. Open the People page and navigate to the Contacts tab.

  2. Select the contact(s) in the grid you wish to personalize. You can choose individual contacts or use the 'All' option to select everyone on the page.

  3. Click the 'Personalize' button at the top of the grid. When you hover over this button, the available AI credits for personalization will be displayed (note: personalizing one contact costs 2 AI credits).

  4. In the pop-up, select the opener category. Currently, the available category is:

    • Persona-based Opener: This option analyzes social media profiles (such as LinkedIn) to suggest personalized messages based on factors like job changes and promotions, or it offers overall summaries of the profiles.

  5. Click 'Start Personalization'.

Hint: Personalization can also be done directly from a contact's profile card. Simply open the contact's profile card and click the 'Personalize' button at the top. The profile card will then be updated with the one-line opener text as a custom variable.

Viewing Results:

Personalization may take some time. To check the results of your personalization, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the personalization process is complete by checking the Notification Center.

  2. Navigate to the People β†’ Contacts tab, and open the profile cards of the contacts for whom you've enabled personalization. The one-line personalization text will appear as a new custom field on each card.

Important Notes:

  • Requirement for Personalization: To use the one-line opener personalization feature, you must provide the Professional Social Media URL of either the individual contact or the company, depending on your target category. The personalization process cannot commence without this URL.

  • Charging for Personalization: The service charges 2 AI credits for each personalized opener. If your account does not have enough credits, an error message will appear, offering you the option to purchase additional credits.

  • Updating Personalizations: When you request a new personalized opener for a contact already in the system, the existing personalized line will be replaced with a newly generated one.

Common reasons for personalization failure:

  • The contact's Professional Social Media profile is not available.

  • The contact's Professional Social Media profile is incorrect.

  • The URL for the contact's Professional Social Media profile has not been provided.

  • The contact's Social Media profile does not contain enough information for personalization.

  • There are insufficient AI credits in your account to create the personalization.

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