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How to Use Jason AI for Email Personalization
How to Use Jason AI for Email Personalization

Learn how to set up and generate personalized emails in your sequence using Jason AI

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How to Set Up Jason's AI Personalization

Follow these steps to personalize emails in your sequence:

  1. Start with creating a new sequence. Navigate to "Sequences" from the header menu. Click "New sequence" and select the "From scratch" option.

  2. Initiate the first step: click "Add step" and choose the "auto email step".

  3. Choose an email template. If a contact lacks certain details for personalization, this template will be used instead as a fallback.

    To select the template, tap on the template icon in the upper left corner and select it from the drop-down list. Then, save the email and click "Next".

    Important: For personalization, it's crucial that the first step in your sequence is an auto-email using a template. If you change the order of steps or remove the initial one, the personalization feature will be disabled.

  4. Configure Jason AI Personalization using the "Jason AI" step.

    Pick a business category by clicking on the corresponding button.

    Based on the chosen category, Reply will generate personalized emails.

  5. Upon selecting a business category, a personalization wizard appears where you can also view other categories and cases and select them.





Persona-based cases:

  • Priority 1: Job change

  • Priority 2: Job promotion

  • Priority 3: Summary

  • Priority 4: Interests

Please note: Multiple cases can be processed simultaneously. Jason AI determines the priority for generating personalized emails. If there is no sufficient information about the case, Jason AI will automatically proceed to the case with the next highest priority.

When choosing this category, Reply will use contact data from social media, primarily from Professional Social Media, to generate personalized and targeted emails. Due to this category, Jason AI will automatically analyze the contact's profile and changes such as job transitions and promotions.

Depending on the contact data and their activity on Professional Social Media, Jason AI will detect the most suitable case for personalization. For each specific scenario, an appropriate prompt will be utilized, and a corresponding email template will be generated.

Important: The "Opener" category personalization requires a Professional Social Media profile URL for each contact. If a contact does not have a Professional Social Media URL, the personalization will not work for them. Please make sure all your contacts have Professional Social Media URLs for successful personalization.

Outbound Sales

  • Industry based

  • Pain points related to job title (you know)

  • Position pain points (find with AI)

  • Share case study

  • Customer feedback

These cases focus on initiating customer contact through methods like cold calls or emails, targeting potential customers who might not be familiar with the brand or product.

Inbound Sales

  • Hot lead? Quick call

  • Free trial

  • Second trial

  • End of trial

  • Product demo

  • Discount

  • Upsell

Use these cases to attract potential customers using techniques such as content marketing and SEO, converting leads who express interest in the product or service.


  • Position intro - short

  • Suggest candidate

Use these cases to identify, attract, and hire suitable candidates.


  • Fundraise

Use the case to effectively launch, gain initial traction, and navigate early challenges.

Business Development

  • Reseller Program Outreach

  • Past event

Use these cases for the growth and expansion of the business to get access to new markets, partnerships, and long-term value creation.

6. Pick your business case that will be used to personalize the emails.

For each case, the prompt + Email example will be shown on the right side so you can quickly evaluate how the personalized email may look like.

The Opener category is the only one that Jason AI detects and handles on its own.

Jason AI automatically generates a prompt based on the business category, case, and variables representing contact data and your solution. As a result, each contact will have a distinct prompt and text.

To see an example of personalized email, click "Email example" in the wizard.

To save your settings, click "Add".

7. Provide details about your offer that are necessary for Jason AI to create content further: value proposition, name, and company.

Once data is added, click Next.

8. Continue with the standard sequence creation process and add your contacts.

You can import contacts from CSV. file, add from existing contacts, or add contacts manually. Once contacts are added, click Next.

9. Preview and generate personalized emails.

The left side of the wizard displays your contacts list. On the right, you'll see the drafted personalized emails for them.

To generate messages, select one or multiple contacts on the left and click the "Generate messages ✨" icon on top.

Icons ✨ will appear for each contact with a generated personalized email.

Also, you can click the Regenerate message button to create a new email.

Use the progress bar in the upper left corner to check the total numbers of contacts that were personalized, not personalized, and contacts with missing data.

Click on each group to view the list of contacts that belong to it.

Additional Options:

  • When viewing an email for a specific contact, click "View contact profile" to see or edit details.

  • If necessary, you can manually add missing data for Jason AI to generate an email in case of an error.

  • To change the business category, click "Select other category".

That's it! Complete the next steps for your sequence & launch it.

We hope this guide helps you with the personalization process. In case of any errors during personalization, please refer to this article. For further assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to our support team.

How Does Email Personalization Work?

Jason AI offers advanced personalization features in addition to sequence creation and reply handling. Using personalization you can generate unique messages for your contacts based on individual recipient characteristics. As a result, you can create more individualized and relevant content, enhancing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Moreover, you can generate emails for multiple contacts simultaneously, leading to significant time savings. Other than that, each email’s uniqueness potentially boosts deliverability, ensuring your messages stand out and reach the intended recipients effectively.

When creating a sequence, you can turn on Jason's AI personalization feature for crafting emails. To set up your own personalization, choose your business category and define the email's purpose.

Jason AI then leverages contact data, sourced either from Reply's Data or your own database, along with the information you've provided (individual recipients' attributes like industry, job title, pain points, and specific needs, etc.). By combining this data with the particular business case and your value proposition, Jason AI generates email content tailored to each recipient.

Important Notes:

  • Jason AI personalization can be activated solely for new sequences crafted using the 'From Scratch' option. At present, personalization is available only for auto-email steps. However, we have plans to extend this feature to other sequence types and steps in the future.

  • You can combine personalized email steps with other available steps in a sequence (calls, tasks, and regular emails).

  • Jason AI can generate personalized emails only when a contact's profile contains all the necessary data. If any essential data is missing, Reply will attempt to enrich the profile using Reply's Data. However, if certain fields are still incomplete, Jason AI won't be able to craft personalized emails. In such cases, you will receive an error notification advising you to input the required data manually.

  • To use personalization, make sure you have a sufficient amount of Jason AI credits on your account. Different personalization categories have varying costs; for the "Opener" category, the charge is 2 credits per email per contact, while all other categories have a charge of 1 credit per email per contact. Learn more about billing for Jason AI personalization.

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