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Free plan in Reply
Free plan in Reply

Learn everything about the free plan in Reply and what features it includes

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The free plan in Reply grants you access to some of the features the platform has to offer for an unlimited time without the need for any paid commitments. This allows you to try out and use some of the platform's capabilities without paying.

When can you use the free plan?

The free plan is forever free for everyone, with no time limitations. Here are the cases when you can use it:

  • After trial period

Once your trial period ends, you will be automatically transitioned to the free plan. This means you can access your data in Reply and use it even if your trial ends and you haven't committed to any paid subscriptions.

  • Cancel subscriptions to paid plans

You can cancel your subscription to any of the paid plans and downgrade to a free plan at any time. In this case, you will pause your subscription to all paid features, including the ability to launch the sequences.

During the free plan, you can still access all of the data that was in use before, so you can check all your previous sequences, messages, contacts, and any other related data.

You can then choose to upgrade to paid plans or downgrade again whenever necessary.

What is included in the Free plan?


Description and limitations

Sequences creation

You can create and save the sequences.

You are free to create sequences using all of the available methods:

  • From scratch to create a sequence manually;

  • From templates that are divided by use cases and represent ready text and combinations of steps (emails & follow-ups, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, Calls), so you can select the one that suits your goal best. You can also check all the steps, change the text or combination of steps, etc.

  • From magic, using the help of Jason AI, which, based on your input, can write 100% human-like personalized emails and compose the whole chain of different steps for you.

Limitations: According to the free plan, you cannot launch the sequences and send emails to your contacts.


You can use the People page where you can add, store, and manage contacts and accounts.

Limitations: You are free to add up to 100,000 contacts per account.


You can use Reply's Data, which allows you to find the right audience for your sales sequences.

Data allows you to access a B2B company and contact database with over 118 million verified contacts from a wide range of industries.


  • You are free to use 200 free email credits per month. This means you can search for and add only 200 contacts in one month.

  • Some of the filters for searching contacts are locked, such as revenue and hiding already saved contacts.


During the free plan, you are able to view the Inbox which allows you to view, reply to, manage, and organize all the messages sent from all your sequences.


You can view the Emails dashboard which lets you monitor the overall performance of your sequences by certain metrics.

Limitations: All other types of reports, such as Channel efficiency, LinkedIn, Calls, Tasks, and Team performance dashboards, are not available.

Chrome extension

Reply's Chrome extension allows you to search for contacts on LinkedIn and add them to your account.

Limitations: You cannot manage your outreach efforts from the Chrome extension as well; just search and add contacts.

Team management

You are allowed to invite team members to your Reply account.

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