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How to sync active tasks in Reply with Pipedrive
How to sync active tasks in Reply with Pipedrive

Learn how to use Triggers & Activity to automatically sync active tasks created in Reply with people activity in Pipedrive

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Using the Reply <> Pipedrive integration, you can automatically move all the active tasks that you created manually for contacts from Reply to Pipedrive. For this, you need to set up a trigger called "Task created" that will start the synchronization once the task is created.

How does the trigger work?

Once you turn the trigger on, all the tasks that you create manually in Reply will be logged as people activities in Pipedrive. All you need to do is turn the trigger on and select the option for how exactly the tasks will be recorded. Without any extra push, tasks created in Reply will be shown in Pipedrive.


  • For now, the "Task created" trigger works only for manually created tasks.

  • The tasks will be synchronized only for contacts that are both present in Reply and Pepedrive. If the task is created for a contact that is not present in Pipedrive, the record will not be synchronized.

Set up the "Task created" trigger

Here's the detailed instruction on how to sync active tasks from Reply to Pipedrive:

1. Open Integrations and navigate to the Pipedrive block.

2. Click Connect if you haven't connected your Pipedrive account; otherwise, click Configure.

3. Navigate to the Triggers and Activity tab and turn on the toggle “Task created."

4. Select exactly how you want to record the synced activities in Pipedrive. The type “Record activity for the person” will be applied by default. You can also choose other options for synchronization.

Here is the list of all options for recording the synced activities in Pipedrive:

Option for tasks synchronization


  • Record activity for the person

The task will be recorded in the person’s activity.

  • Record activity for the deal action

There is a deal associated with this contact in Pipedrive. The task will be recorded in the corresponding deal’s activity.

  • Create a deal action

You also need to select a pipeline from the drop-down list or create a new one. The deal will be created for the mentioned contact in the selected pipeline.

  • Move deal to the next stage action

The deal will be moved to the next stage.

  • Move deal to the specific stage

You also need to choose the pipeline and stage for it. The deal will be moved to a specific stage.

5. Click Save. That's it! The synchronization is set up.

Now, you can create a task for a contact that also exists in Pipedrive. For this, open the Tasks page from the main header menu and click New task. Create the needed type of task (To do, Call, LinkedIn, Manual email, Manual SMS, WhatsApp, or Meetings). As soon as you create a task in Reply, it appears as a planned activity for the contact in Pipedrive.

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