Using the Reply <> Pipedrive integration, you can transfer contacts between the two platforms.

Ownership mappings in integrations allow you to assign synced contacts to particular team members:

  • Reply → Pipedrive. You can use ownership mappings to assign contacts from Reply to specific team members in Pipedrive. All new persons in Pipedrive will be created with the selected owners. All existing Pipedrive persons will have their ownership updated as per the set rules.

  • Pipedrive → Reply. You can use ownership mappings to assign people from Pipedrive to specific team members or even sequences in Reply. This is especially useful if you are working in a team in Reply (you have a Team Edition Public mode or you are a team owner in Private mode). As a result, all new contacts in Reply will be created with the selected owners. All existing Reply contacts will have their ownership updated as per the set rules.

Set up People sync in Pipedrive integration

Here's a full flow of how to set up people sync and owner mappings during Reply integration with Pipedrive:

1. Open Integrations and navigate to the Pipedrive block.

2. Click Connect if you haven't connected your Pipedrive account; otherwise, click Configure.

3. Select one of the available types of contact synchronization:

  • People in Pipedrive → People in Reply

  • People in Reply → People in Pipedrive

Please note. If there is no such step, click "Add sync step."

4. Use the Fields mapping if needed. In this block, you can associate the Reply fields in contacts' profiles with the Pipedrive fields in people's profiles, or vice versa. Click Save.

5. Use the Filtering rules if needed to sync only a specific group of contacts.

6. Navigate to the Ownership mappings section, expand it, and map the Reply and Pipedrive team members. You can set up multiple pairs. To add more pairs for sync, click on "+ Add owner mapping."

Please note:

  • By default, there is one pre-set pair: the Reply account from which the integration is set up and the Pipedrive account connected to the integration.

  • On the left side, you can select all the team members you have access to and select each team member only once.

  • On the right side, you can select any team members you have access to and select the same team member several times.

7. Click Save to save the current step, or click Save and apply for all steps to apply settings to other sync steps.

8. Initiate the sync by switching the toggle to "Enabled" in the upper left corner of the page and pressing the Sync Now button.

People to sequence

If you are transferring people from Pipedrive to Reply, there will be an additional section in the step "People to sequence." Using this section, you can immediately set up sequences where the synced people can be further processed in Reply.

  1. Once you have mapped owners, click on the People to sequence section.

  2. Select Reply owner → Sequence → Step. You can also enable additional settings for the sequence:

  • Ignore step delay

  • Only for new records

As a result, synced contacts from Pipedrive will be assigned to the chosen Reply team member and automatically added to the selected sequence and step.

Please note. If you choose an owner who isn't selected in the owner mappings, people will not be synced and will not be moved to the selected sequence.

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