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Owner mappings: People Notes in Reply to Contact / Lead Notes in Salesforce sync step [Beta]
Owner mappings: People Notes in Reply to Contact / Lead Notes in Salesforce sync step [Beta]

Learn how to use ownership mappings to automatically sync people's notes from Reply to Contact or Lead notes in Salesforce

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People Notes in Reply to Contact / Lead Notes in Salesforce are one of the available sync steps in the Reply <> Salesforce integration. These steps allow you to move notes created in contact profiles from Reply to Salesforce. By using this feature, you can sync all your notes and save time by not having to manually copy them over.

How do notes get synchronized?

People notes are short text comments linked to contact profiles in Reply. For example, during your outreach experience, you may reveal some important details about particular contacts. Using notes, you can save this information and link it to the contact's profile right away.

Using ownership mappings, you can map the owner of contacts on the Reply's side with the owner of contacts and/or leads in Salesforce. The outcome of a successful sync is that all notes created in Reply for a selected group of contacts will be synced and visible in Salesforce as either contact or lead notes. The selected owner in Salesforce will be the author of the synced notes.


  • Owner mappings in the notes sync do not change contact ownership.

  • If some of the synced notes in Reply are linked to contacts that are not present in Salesforce, this record will not be synced.

Set up the "People Notes in Reply" step

Here's a detailed instruction on how to set up the "People Notes in Reply" step:

1. Open Integrations and navigate to the Salesforce block.

2. Click Connect if you haven't connected your Salesforce account; otherwise, click Configure.

3. Select the type of contact synchronization:

  • People Notes in Reply → Contact Notes in Salesforce

  • People Notes in Reply → Leads Notes in Salesforce

Please note. If there is no such step, click Add sync step.

4. The "Fields mapping" block is predefined here, so you can skip it.

5. Use Filtering rules if needed. In this block, you can use filters created on the People page to narrow down the group of contacts whose notes you may want to sync.

6. Navigate to the Ownership mappings section and expand it. Map the Reply and Salesforce contact owners. You can set up multiple pairs. To add more pairs for sync, click on "+ Add owner mapping."

Please note:

  • By default, there is one pre-set pair: the Reply account from which the integration is set up and the Salesforce account connected to the integration.

  • On the left (Reply) side, you can select all the Reply team members whose contacts you can view and select each team member only once.

  • On the right side (Salesforce), you can select any Salesforce team members you have access. You can also select the same Salesforce member several times for different pairs of mappings.

7. Click Save to save the current step, or click Save and apply for all steps to apply settings to other sync steps.

8. Initiate the sync by switching the toggle to "Enabled" in the upper left corner of the page and pressing the Sync Now button.

That's it! Check the notes of contacts in Salesforce.

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