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Meeting book tracking
Meeting book tracking

Learn how to view analytics on booked meeting in reports

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When you send a book meeting link via sequence, Reply will track each booked meeting for the source channel (Automatic Email, Manual Email, Automatic SMS, Manual SMS, Call, WhatsApp, LinkedIn) and show the total number per each source in reports.

To view analytics on booked meetings:

  1. Open Reports โ†’ Team performance.

  2. The total number of booked meetings will be shown in the left upper corner. Click on the number of meetings to view more details.

Important. The total number of booked meetings will depend on the timeframe set on the filter panel above. You can select other filtering options such as Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, All time, or Custom.

Once you click on the total number of booked meetings, you will see detailed information:

Title of the column



The exact date + time when the meeting was booked.


First and Last name of a contact with whom you have booked a meeting.


The sequence within which the meeting was booked.


The source channel where the meeting was booked (Automatic SMS, Manual SMS, Call, WhatsApp, LinkedIn).


The team member from the Reply account booked a meeting.

To export all the analytics, click on the Export button.

Please note. You can also view the number of booked meetings on the Reports โ†’ Emails page. However, Email reports will show you only the number of meetings booked within emails.

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