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Learn how Reply can cancel and revoke sent LinkedIn connection requests and why it is important for your account's reputation

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Sequences in Reply may include setting up LinkedIn automation steps to send connection requests. All such requests can be accepted or rejected, but very often, they remain pending without any action from the responder.

Your account’s ability to connect may be limited by LinkedIn policy, according to which the maximum number of connection requests per account is 30,000. When you send a lot of requests as part of your outreach campaigns, LinkedIn may suspend your activity, which could affect the reputation of your account.

Revoking sent connection requests is a good practice to postpone reaching the limit, send more requests, and save the reputation of your LinkedIn account. Because of this feature, all pending LinkedIn requests that your contacts did not accept within the time limit will be automatically canceled and revoked, so you can use them again for other contacts.

Enable revoking of connection requests

  1. Open Settings from the top menu in the header.

  2. Navigate to the LinkedIn Accounts tab → click on the connected LinkedIn account. If you haven't connected to any LinkedIn account, here is an instruction on how to connect a LinkedIn account using an Auto cookie.

  3. Safety limits will be shown along with

  4. The 'Revoke connection requests' section will be shown right under Safety limits.

  5. To enable the feature, switch the toggle 'Revoke sent connection requests'.

  6. Set the timeframe after which all connections that were not accepted will be revoked.

  7. Click Save.

Please note:

  • The default value for the set timeframe is 7 days. The maximum value is 180 days, and the minimum value is 1 day.

  • All connection requests are checked every day according to the set deadline. If the specified time limit is reached and the connection is not accepted, it is revoked the next day on first priority.

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