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Okta Configuration Guide
Okta Configuration Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up the Okta Single Sign-On integration using OIDC

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Complete these 3 steps to enable Okta Single Sign-On for your team in Reply:

Step 1: Make sure that you have all the Prerequisites outlined in this article. Then, follow the Procedure provided below and obtain 3 parameters:

  • your Okta organization Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • OpenID Provider Metadata URL-value

Step 2: Send these three parameters, together with your organization Team Owner's Reply account email address, to our Customer Support team at or via the in-app live chat. We will handle your request and notify you once the integration is configured.

Step 3: When a member of your team logs into Okta and selects Reply, they will be automatically redirected to their Reply account. If they don't have a Reply account, a new user will be automatically created for them and added to the account associated with the email address with the same domain as yours.

Important: When Okta SSO is set for a team, it becomes the only way to log into Reply.


  1. You have installed the Reply application in your Okta organization. If not, click the Browse App Catalog button in your Okta Admin account.

Find the app.

Then click the Add button.

2. Your Okta organization members’ email addresses match their Reply accounts.

Supported Features:

  • Okta-initiated Single Sign-On (IdP SSO)

  • Automatically creates a new user in Reply by clicking the Reply application in Okta Integrations Network (OIN)


After installing the application, your Okta organization Admin will need to obtain certain information and forward it to Reply.

If you already have a Team in Reply:

  1. On the Okta Admin page, click the Reply application and navigate to the Sign-On tab.

  2. Copy the values of "Client ID" and "Client secret".

  3. Click the "OpenID Provider Metadata" link. In the JSON document shown, look for a key titled "issuer" and copy the URL - value.

  4. Your organization Team Owner's Reply account email address.

    Send all the information listed above (Client ID, Client secret, OpenID Issuer URL, and Team Owner account email) to our Customer Support team at or via the live chat. We will handle your request and notify you once the integration is configured.

If you don’t have a Team in Reply yet:

  1. On step 4, go to the Reply registration page and create a new user that will be your Team Owner in Reply.

  2. Enable Team Edition (Open the Permissions tab of the Team page and click Enable management).

On the next step, set the default permissions for your team: select Public or Private and click Next.

3. Collect your Okta organization Client ID, Client Secret, OpenID Provider Metadata URL-value, and Team Owner account email address and forward them to our Customer Support team at or via the in-app live chat.

We'll notify you via email once all is set.

Here is a short video tutorial explaining how to enable and use the Okta integration:


You cannot add a teammate using Okta SSO if a user is already a member of any other existing team in Reply.

Please contact our Customer Support team if you face any issues.

If you need the information on how to integrate existing Active Directory using Okta AD Agent click here

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