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Improve your emails with GPT-3
Improve your emails with GPT-3

Learn how to write powerful copy to increase conversions from email outreach

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GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Training Transformer 3) is currently the most powerful algorithm for generating text on the market. In a nutshell, the technology generates text using algorithms that are pre-trained – they are already provided with all the necessary data to complete the task.

Thanks to GPT-3, Reply users can now streamline their writing process and create personalized emails that are grammatically correct and coherent based on their context. Just drop a few lines to turn them into flowing text with multiple paragraphs. Reply sends these fragments to OpenAI's cloud servers, and GPT-3 sends back new text based on statistically verified templates.

The GPT-3 functionality is available to you in the email editor on the Sequence page, in the Sequence Wizard and on the Templates page. Type in your email text, summary, or bullet points, or select an existing template, click the Improve with GPT-3 button, and select from the available options. Wait a few seconds and get a significantly improved text. If you don't like the result, delete it, type in your text and hit the Improve with GPT-3 button again. Repeat until you get the result you like.

Improve with GPT-3 is available for both the first email in a sequence and follow-ups, with slightly different options though.

For the first email in a sequence, Improve with GPT-3 allows you to:

  • Improve current text

  • Generate email from summary

  • Generate email from bullets

For a follow-up, the following 2 options are available :

  • Improve current text

  • Generate follow-up based on thread

Here is a short video tutorial explaining how to create first emails and follow-ups based on a communication thread with the power of GPT-3:


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