To connect an Outlook/Office 365 account to Reply:

  1. First, go to Settings and choose the Email Accounts option from the left-side toolbar.

  2. Use the red ‘plus’ button in the top right corner to add a new account.

  3. In the pop-up window, select a suitable option.

  • Outlook. This connection type is recommended to be used for Outlook/Office 365 email accounts. Do not use this option if IMAP is disabled.

  • Exchange (SingleClick). This connection type is recommended to be used for your EWS on Microsoft servers ( email accounts. Please note it uses API for receiving emails instead of the IMAP.

All these options support only a single-click connection method. Learn more about this method in this article.

4. If you have not logged in to your Office 365 (Outlook) account before, a new window pops up enabling Microsoft OAuth authentication. Enter your email address and password, then click the Sign in button. Done!

In the Email Accounts list, you can now see the added account of OfficeSingleClick type. Link your new email account to a sequence or use it to send direct emails from Reply.

Note: If you are already signed in to your Office 365 (Outlook) account, the system redirects you to the new email account page in Reply without Microsoft OAuth authentication.

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