The Reports and Sequences pages let you export reports to see the performance of the entire team or particular team members, aggregate statistics for all sequences or a particular sequence, as well as activities over a selected time period. For more information on how to use the Reports page, see the following article.

Exporting stats from the Reports page

1. Go to the Reports page.

2. Use three drop-down lists at the top of the page to select either “all team” or a particular team member, “all sequences” or a particular sequence, as well as the time frame for which you want to export data.

3. As soon as you click the Export button in the top right corner, the message will appear stating that your export is in progress.

4. Once the export is finished, the corresponding notification Download your report stats export here appears in the Notification Center. You can now download your report stats.

5. When you open the file, you will see all the required fields and data. You’re all done!

Exporting from the Sequences page

You can also export the necessary data from the Sequences page. To do this:

1. Go to Sequences and open any sequence.

2. Click on the Stats tab.

3. On the opened page, select the necessary time frame from the drop-down list on the left.

4. After clicking on the Export button, the pop-up message will appear stating that the export is in progress.

5. The notification appears in the Notification Center from where you can download your report.

Note: The generated file name is based on the filters selected in Reports and Sequence -> Stats. For example, All_Team_All_Sequences_All_Time_at20130401T130102.csv

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