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Reply Chrome Extension lets you easily search emails and create new contacts from contact lists. Currently, we support LinkedIn lists and LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists

Prerequisites and installation

Open your Chrome browser and install our extensions from the Chrome Store:

Bulk Email Search works in two modes - automatic (by default) and manual. In automatic mode, each time you open a LinkedIn list or a LinkedIn Sales Navigator list, the extension begins to search for contact emails. In manual mode, you must click the Find emails button.

Reply Chrome Extension first syncs contacts from the list, displays them, and then starts searching for emails. During the search, you can see the progress for each contact in the list. It will end up either with a valid email address or No email message.

Further actions

Upon syncing a contact list to Reply, you can perform the following actions in any combination:

  • Save to Reply

  • Move to a sequence

  • Move to a list(s) (create a new list or move to an existing list(s)

Note: contacts without emails will not be saved to Reply.

Creating and moving synced contacts to a list

After you have synced contacts from a LinkedIn list and found their emails, you can use Chrome Extension to create a list in Reply and move contacts there or select an existing list. 

For more information about lists in Reply, click here.
For more information about sequences, click here

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