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Recommendations for adding contacts with CSV import
Recommendations for adding contacts with CSV import

Learn additional information and advice on importing contacts from a CSV file

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In addition to the general information about importing contacts to Reply, here are additional explanations, requirements, and advice for CSV import:

  • The file should be saved as a CSV file type with UTF-8 encoding;

  • The "FirstName" and "Email" fields (columns) are required and cannot be left blank;

  • Make sure that the "Linkedin URL" column is not among the first fields (columns) on file;

  • If you're trying to import directly to a sequence and some of the people are not uploaded, here's guidance on how to fix that;

  • Skipped means that you have duplicate records in your file and Reply only allows 1 unique email address per contact;

  • The phone number field shouldn't contain dashes or spaces, this might result in an error during import;

  • If you see the error "Wrong field format" in your import results, it means that you have custom fields with the number format that should be changed to text.

If you are a member of the Private TE Reply account, there are several more details you need to know about the CSV import:

While making CSV import on Private TE, Reply checks if any of the contacts in CSV were added to any of the other team member accounts. This is because contacts on Private TE are only visible to team members who own them.

Important. When some contacts from CSV import are added to another team member's account on Private TE, Reply will show these contacts in the “Skipped” section.

To view skipped contacts, download the csv report where you can also find columns with reasons why the contacts are skipped.

Right now there are 2 possible reasons for contacts being skipped:

  1. Duplicated record

  2. The "Skip updating existing contacts" toggle was activated during import

You can find such columns in CSV with the following values based on the reason the contacts were skipped:

  1. Duplicated record

  2. Skipped updating the existing record

  3. Already exists in {Team member login email} account

There can also be other reasons for contacts being skipped. If any of the reasons are not applicable to your case, please verify the code and check the results added to the CSV file.

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