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How to change or remove a default email account?
How to change or remove a default email account?

Learn how to replace or remove default email account in Reply

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Your default email account is the main account used to send emails in your campaigns. While you can connect multiple email accounts, one always serves as the default. If you want to change or delete the default email account, you may do so easily! This can be handy if an account is not performing well, is not used for outreach, or you wish to avoid charges. Simply switch to a new default or remove it altogether.

Change a default email account

If you do not want to delete the original default email account, you can replace it with a new one. Here's how:

  1. Open the Email Accounts tab of your Settings.

  2. If the new email account is not listed, connect it first.

  3. Hover over the email account, and click the Make default icon.

That is it! The default email account has been changed.

Remove an email account

You can easily remove both the default or any other email account from Reply. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open the Settings page.

  2. Move to the Email Accounts.

  3. Hover over the email account and click the Remove icon.

  4. Confirm the changes in the pop-up window.

💡 Important:

  • Deleting the default email account will make the first mailbox in the list the new default sender.

  • If you delete an active sending email account, contacts assigned to it will be unassigned automatically. There also will be a notification on the sequence toggle, reminding you to add a new email account. Once it is added, you need to manually assign prospects to it. Sequences without email steps will continue as usual.

Read more about email accounts here:

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