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How can I add a signature?
How can I add a signature?

Learn how to add, edit, and manage your email signature inside your Reply account

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Adding a signature to your emails is a simple yet effective way to establish your professional identity and share important contact details. With just a few clicks, you may add your signature to Reply and use it for sending.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Email Accounts tab of your Settings.

  2. Click on the mailbox you want to add a signature to.

  3. Open the Signature section and use the text editor.

  4. Save the changes.

Your email signature can include your name, job title, company website, and social media links:

If the signature is not pasted into the window, you may try these options:

  1. The source code (you need to create the signature using the HTML)

  2. Reply's signature generator (once the signature is ready, you will get it in the HTML format and can use the source code)

That's it! The signature will now appear in all the emails sent from this mailbox.

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