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How do I define a contact's time zone automatically?
How do I define a contact's time zone automatically?

Learn how to define contacts' timezones automatically during the import

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The easiest way to define the timezone for your contacts is during the import. This article will help you with the steps and rules. Let's dive in 🧐

Rules and conditions

There are a few rules that let our system define time zones automatically. Here are some of them:

  1. Country column - cannot be blank; should be spelled out in full or using its ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 abbreviation (e.g., "FR" for France).

  2. State column - can be left blank only if the City column is populated. The name should be in full or using the abbreviation.

  3. City column - can only be blank if the State column is populated. The same requirements for the name.

πŸ’‘ Important: All names should meet the ISO 3166 standards. This ensures they are standardized and valid.

Steps to follow

Once you have prepared the file, follow these steps to enable timezone detection for your CSV:

  1. Upload the file using Import from CSV button;

  2. Map Attributes;

  3. Check the box on the Options page:

  4. Click Import and it's done!

If the system cannot determine the time zone, it applies the user's time zone to the prospect.

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