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Overview of the Plans & Billing tab
Overview of the Plans & Billing tab
This article describes the Plans & Billing tab of the Settings page. The tab contains all the information related to payments.
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This section shows your current subscription plan. Each plan provides a monthly limit for contacting unique contacts. You can always check how many contacts you can still reach this month based on your current subscription plan.

Please note that the unused number of unique contacts from the previous month will not be transferred to the next month's quota.

In the Subscription section, you can also switch to unlimited email search or enable the Reply email validation service. For more details on how to use the validation service to increase sequence performance, see this article.

You can also create a team and pay for other Reply account(s) in your team.

To change your current subscription plan, click the Upgrade button in the top right corner. You can pay for your subscription on a yearly basis. In your invoices, you see the business subscriptions as Business Tier 1, Business Tier 2, and Business Tier 3.

Note: you cannot downgrade your account from a business subscription to an individual.


Use Wallet to pay for Direct Calls. You can set up automatic refilling of your Wallet when the balance gets lower a certain amount of money. To do this, switch the Automatically re-fill slider. When you click Add funds, the amount added will be charged from your bank card.

Calls: Payment History

This section contains payment information related to Direct Calls.

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