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How to improve your email signature
How to improve your email signature

Email signature is the block of text attached to emails you send and it could either help your cold sequence or ruin it.

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. Email signatures are important because they:

  • Contain your contact information.

  • Provide extra “trust”, as your prospects can see your basic info immediately.

  • Improve overall email outreach click rate.


This article describes how to create a high quality email signature.

Key components of email signature

There are four basic components to be included in each signature:

  1. Name. Always include your name and last name, so people can easily identify you.

  2. Job title. People should know the position of a person they receive emails from.

  3. Company. Add company name and logo to the email signature as this is the fundamental data for cooperation.

  4. Website. A link to your website helps your prospects find additional information about your company and business.

Additional information

Besides, you can add some details to improve your email signature. There is no need to use all of them, make sure you can add at least one.


  1. Your blog. Adding a link to your blog may anchor a prospect to your product and make them potential customers.

  2. Freebies. Attach a link to a free product or service you provide. This could be as simple as an ROI calculator or as complex as a website analytics tool. Link to your free trial.

  3. Video. Studies proved that videos now account more than 50% of all mobile traffic. If you have video content related to your product or industry, make sure you have included it into the signature.

  4. Social media. Social media is the keystone of the internet. Turn your signature into a social billboard. Use icons to link to your social media accounts instead of text to add colour and form to an otherwise text-based email.

  5. Graphics. Graphics makes emails look more appealing. You could include your company logo, a call-to-action, or even just a colourful border.

  6. Industry data. Include some data that supports your product or service. It doesn’t even need to be a direct link; just leave it as a fun fact for your subscribers.

Where can I set up my signature?

To set up a signature, please navigate to Settings -> Email accounts -> select your sending email account -> scroll down and find the Signature section

If you need to add image(s) to the signature - save them to your computer first and after that upload via this icon:

To add a link to the image choose "Copy link" with the right button of the mouse from the image source or from the browser URL and attach it via this icon. While adding the link the image should be selected (highlighted as shown on the picture above).

Click "Save settings" after you're done with all changes.

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