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The Account tab has basic personal information and helps you manage it. Here is what you may see here:

  • Personal details (First name, last name, company, phone, and title)

  • Email (login email)

  • Timezone

  • Password (you may update the account password if needed)

Plans & Billing

This tab has all the details about your subscription, its period, the additional features you have, and the remaining credits. You may also access and download your recent invoices and manage your payment information.

Wallet and Payment history for calls are also a part of this section. You may top up your wallet and check pricing for each call you make if needed.


This section lets you control the Email Quality checker. You may turn the toggle off or not depending on your preference:


The Emails tab lets you manage the way we work with different types of emails and replies from your prospects. The sections are the following:

  • Email safety - choose how we handle Out-of-Office, Auto-replied, and Bounced emails in both Reply Inbox and your email client; set up delays before the 1st email and choose how many emails per day we can send to a single contact.

  • Email notifications - configure sequence error, team, and mailbox connection reports sent to your email.

  • BCC Settings - add BCC to all outgoing emails or set up forwarding of all the incoming replies.

  • Out-of-Office - set up how Reply handles out-of-office replies and select some days to resume the contacts.


This section allows you to set up your call experience. Here are all the settings you may check:

  • Enabling/disabling calls - turn the toggle on or off if you need to manage the calls.

  • Phone number - rent a USA/Canada number within your account by choosing it from the list.

  • Call recording - record the call and listen to them if needed.

  • Custom Caller ID - this feature lets you mask your rented number and shows the real one from your settings.

  • Inbound calls transfer - if you turn the toggle on, we will forward all incoming calls to your phone number.

  • Access to Cloud Calls - you can turn the toggles on next to the needed teammate.

  • Call resolutions - this section will help you assign resolutions to contacts to determine their statuses.

Email accounts

This tab lets you easily add and manage your email accounts. It also reflects your daily limit and the overall number of emails for this mailbox:

๐Ÿ’ก Important: Email account limits are updated daily at 00:00 UTC. The stats may show incorrect values if your sequence schedule is extended past this time.

LinkedIn Accounts

This tab is all about LinkedIn. You may connect, pause, or remove your LinkedIn accounts. It is also easy to access LinkedIn-related limits, refresh the connection cookie, and handle connection requests:

You can connect as many LinkedIn accounts as needed but need to use the Chrome Extension to get the cookie. It is possible if you are using different profiles in Chrome.


Triggers in Reply help you automate some actions with your contacts and emails. You can add contacts to lists, move them to sequences, assign different statuses, and stages, and remove them.


This tab lets you create and manage schedules. You can choose the default one, edit existing sending windows, and check the schedules within the whole team.

All new schedules you create have the default "New Schedule" name. It is best to differentiate them by adding some digits or using custom titles.


This page has the API key for your account. It will help you access Reply API, and integrate with Zapier, Make (Integromat), or log into the Chrome extension.

You can also get a new API key by clicking the Generate new button.

Branded links

This tab helps you personalize the opt-out, open, and click tracking links to improve your spam score.

If you need help with the setup, our Deliverability team will gladly help you. Feel free to message us in chats or email us at


Here you can integrate with Google Calendar to have control over your schedule. It is possible to set up both Google Meet and Zoom calls.

It is also possible to choose the time zone, add a title and description, and pick the duration of your meeting.


This tab is exactly what you need to create custom fields, manage contact stages, and handle prospects in Account-based mode.

If you want to pause people, there are two options: do it automatically or by emailing the team owner first.


Here you can enable automatic data enrichment for your Accounts. It is also possible to overwrite the existing data with information from the Data tool.

Enriching data for one contact consumes one data credit.

Chrome Extension

This tab has the link to the Chrome Extension and a video guide. The extension helps you manage tasks, search for emails, make calls, and get a LinkedIn connection cookie.


From here, you can blacklist certain domains by entering the names manually or uploading them from a CSV file.

Even if you add contacts from blacklisted domains to a sequence, they will not receive your emails.


Here you can get access to Reply's beta features. You will test the latest features that have not been enabled globally yet.

If needed, you can always disable Beta by turning the toggle off. This will remove the features from your account.

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