The Account tab lets you change your Full name, Company, Phone fields as well as update your password. You can also upload a profile picture that will be visible to your team members.


On this tab, you can upgrade/downgrade your plan and verify how many unique contacts you have already contacted according to your subscription limits:


The section allows you to set up tasks according to your business needs. From here, you can also enable or disable email quality check for your email templates.


The Emails tab allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Edit Email safety settings
  • Edit Email notifications settings
  • Edit BCC Settings
  • Edit Blacklist settings
  • Manage Custom fields
  • Edit Time zone settings

Email safety settings include the following options:

  • Delay before sending first email - specify a custom delay before sending the initial email, once you have added a contact to the active sequence. It's set to 30 seconds by default.
  • Max number of emails to a single contact per day - set the maximum number of emails that can be sent to a single contact per day.

Email notifications allow you to subscribe for the daily/weekly/monthly reports, which Reply will send to the specified email address, letting you know how many emails were sent from your Reply account in the specified time interval.

BCC Settings include the following:

  • Specify how Reply should handle Auto Replies, Out of Office, and Bounced emails
  • Specify one or multiple emails that will be BCC’d to all outgoing emails
  • Specify one or multiple emails where all incoming replies should be forwarded to

The Blacklist section allows you to add email domains into a blacklist to prevent contacting unwanted organizations. In Custom fields, you can manage your list of custom fields, e.g. add text or number type fields. In the Time zone section, specify the timezone you're in, it's not picked up automatically.


This section allows you to set up your call experience.


The Email Accounts tab lets you manage your email accounts connected to Reply. To add an account, click the Plus button at the top right corner of the screen. For more information, see this article Step #1: Connecting an email account.

On the tab, it is possible to see your daily limit for emails sent (based on your current plan) and the overall number of emails sent from each connected email account.


The Schedules tab lets you create and manage schedules for sending emails within your sequences. For more information, see the article Delivery windows (schedules).


The API Key tab contains the API key for your Reply account. You need this key in order to access the Reply API. For more information about the API, see the API section of the documentation.


Branded URLs let you personalize your opt-out, open, and click tracking links and can improve your spam score by putting these services under a domain that matches your brand. For more information, read this article.


From this section, you can install Reply Chrome Extension. Watch this video to learn more about it.

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