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How to organize efficient follow ups
How to organize efficient follow ups

Follow ups are vital for increasing the loyalty of your customers. This article describes best practices for successful follow ups.

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Do not use the same content for both marketing and follow ups

Create new unique content if you want to improve relations with your clients. Open social networks and find what they are really interested in. This tool will help a salesman in tailoring those suggestions to every definite sales situation.

Improve follow-up efficiency

Use the following techniques to improve overall follow-up efficiency:

  • Never put it off. Use sales automation software to keep track of the process.

  • Ask really important questions. When you ask important questions, your prospects know that you keep focus on them.

  • Remember that all your follow ups should carry additional value when your positional client is in the decision-making process.

  • Ask if you can contact them while adding up an additional value without being irritating.

  • Get to know the most suitable way of communication with your prospect. There are cases when prospects immediately tell the salesmen how to title your mail to get it opened.

  • End your talks with a distinct following step. In the process of conversation with your prospect mark the next time of your connection on the calendar.

  • Find out a reasonable and vital reason for contacting clients. It will help them realize that you are a sales professional and always focus on them.

  • Say โ€œnoโ€ when you need to.


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