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Handling Jason AI Personalization Errors
Handling Jason AI Personalization Errors

Learn how to identify and address errors during personalizing emails with Jason AI

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As a Reply user, when you initiate personalization using Jason AI, you might occasionally encounter issues.

Errors related to the personalization process will appear near the associated contact card on the grid in the Sequence wizard in the Preview step. Hover over the error to view a tooltip with detailed information about the issue.

Based on the type of error:

  • Some errors will temporarily block the ability to personalize a prospect's email due to missing mandatory fields.

  • Other errors can be potentially resolved by manually retrying the personalization process.

  • If the error has been addressed and resolved, you will no longer see the error notification near the prospect.

Types of Errors and Their Resolutions

The following table lists possible errors, their descriptions, and recommended solutions:



How to Handle


Timeout error with JasonAI

If you encounter this timeout error specifically with JasonAI, it's suggested to manually retry the personalization process. Sometimes, network or system hiccups can cause such issues, and a simple retry might successfully process the request.


Error on the OpenAI side

When you experience an error that is sourced from OpenAI, first try to manually retry the process. If the error persists, it might be beneficial to check the current status of OpenAI to ensure their systems are operational. Waiting for a while before retrying can also be a good practice in such scenarios.


Internal server error with Jason AI

If you encounter this error, it's recommended to manually retry the personalization process. This error may be transient, and a retry might resolve it.


Timeout error with OpenAI

In the event of a timeout error with OpenAI, it's advisable to attempt a manual retry. Wait for a short duration before retrying to ensure the best chance of success.

Not enough data for personalization

There is no data in the contacts card needed for personalization

This error indicates a lack of necessary data. To address this, ensure you add the required field(s) indicated as "{Mandatory field}" to the contact's card. Alternatively, consider changing the Personalisation case if the current one isn't suitable with the available data. The system will lock the manual retry option until sufficient data is provided.


An unspecified error occurred

When faced with an unidentified error, the best course of action is to wait for a brief period and then try your request again. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to support for further guidance.


Always ensure that you've chosen the correct personalization case and provided all the relevant context. If you're repeatedly facing issues, it's recommended to contact our support team for further assistance.

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