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Billing for Jason AI Personalization
Billing for Jason AI Personalization

Learn how to manage Jason AI credits, understand personalization billing rates, and navigate the refund policy

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To use personalization features in Reply, you need to make sure you have a sufficient amount of Jason AI credits on your account. These credits are necessary to access the wide range of personalization features we offer.

Jason AI credits can be bought and used as a team-shared add-on in Team Edition Mode. If you are using Reply for your organization, the credits will be available to all members of the organization.

The cost of personalization depends on the category you choose:

  • Opener category: This special category costs 2 credits for each personalized email you send to a contact. These emails are generated based on the contact's data published in their Professional Social Media profile.

  • All other categories (Outbound and Inbound sales, Recruiter, Start-up, Business Development). Any other type of personalization costs 1 credit per email, per contact, offering a variety of options for different needs.

Jason AI credits are retained during personalization and are only deducted from your account after successful personalization.

  • What happens when personalization fails?

If personalization fails, perhaps due to missing data or a technical issue, we'll refund any credits used for that attempt.

  • Track the number of credits while personalizing

When setting up personalization email steps in a sequence, the total number of your credits will be shown at the top right corner. This number will change once the personalization is made so you can easily track how many credits are left within the same view.


If you've chosen more contacts than your available credits cover, a pop-up will appear, notifying you that we will only personalize emails for the initial contacts covered by your credits. Additionally, you can click on the link in the pop-up to purchase additional credits.

Manage Jason AI credits

Jason AI credits can be included in some of the billing plans. In addition, you can also buy additional credits.

To check Jason AI credits, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your email address at the top right corner and select Plans & Billing.

  2. Expand the Subscription section.

  3. In the team-shared add-on section, you will see the number of available and used credits for all add-ons including Jason AI.

To increase the number of Jason AI credits, click on the plus button in front of this add-on.

Then, in the wizard, select the desired amount of credits from the drop-down list and click Recalculate total.

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