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LinkedIn automation limits and best practices
LinkedIn automation limits and best practices

Learn about LinkedIn automation limits and best practices

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You can set up your LinkedIn automation limits when you connect your LinkedIn account to Reply. The limits will allow you to make sure that your LinkedIn account is not blocked for exceeding the limits that LinkedIn has in place. The Add LinkedIn account page has the following limits: Total Daily Interaction Limit, Connections & Messages, and Replies Detection Limit.

Total Daily Interactions Limit

This is the number of total daily automatic LinkedIn interactions. The default value, 30, can be changed for a particular user or account on demand. The Total Daily Interactions value is comprised of Connections & Messages and Replies Detection values.

Connections & Messages and Replies Detection Limits

You can update the default 30 & 30 values of these limits on the Add/Edit LinkedIn account page, if needed. You can set any two values that add up to 30 here, for example, 30 for Connections & Messages and 20 for Replies Detection, or vice versa, depending on your business needs. The total of the two values cannot exceed 30 (the Total Daily Interactions limit) for security reasons.

Connections & Messages

If your Connections & Messages limit is set to 30, for example, then the total daily number of connection requests and messages cannot exceed 30.

Recently, LinkedIn updated the limits for personalized messages in invitations. As for now, if you use a free LinkedIn account, you are limited to up to 10 personalized invitations. Additionally, the number of LinkedIn invitation message characters has decreased from 300 to 200.

Replies Detection Limit

If your Replies Detection limit is set to 30, then we'll check 30 contacts per day for replies. For example, if your Replies Detection Limit is set to 30, you sent LinkedIn messages to 300 contacts and you need to check if they replied to those messages, it will take Reply 10 days to run the check.

The Replies Detection limit allows you to detect replies not only to automatic LinkedIn messages but also to manual ones executed in Reply Chrome Extension. You, for example, can use LinkedIn Automation only for replies detection and send all your LinkedIn messages manually. In this case, simply increase the value of the Replies Detection limit (to 30) and decrease that of the Connections & Messages limit (to 0).

Please refer to the Replied by LinkedIn article to learn more about replies via LinkedIn.

Important note: The system imposes a 40-hour limit for assessing the status of a connection request and detecting a response to LinkedIn Message/InMail. After reaching this threshold, a new attempt to determine the connection status can only be made by initiating a new automated LinkedIn step for the respective prospect

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