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Advanced settings for booking meetings in Reply
Advanced settings for booking meetings in Reply

In this article, you will learn about advanced settings to customize your meetings experience

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Once you have set up general settings for your Reply calendar, you can configure its additional options on the main Settings page -> Meetings tab -> scroll down to the Availability and Meeting sections.


In the Availability section, select the days of the week as well as specific hours when you will be available for meetings. For example:


In the Meeting section, you can find the following additional options:

  • Buffer duration

When scheduling multiple appointments, you can set up delays in minutes between these appointments to allow time for rest or preparation.

  • Prevent new meeting scheduling earlier then

To avoid making short notice appointments, you can set the duration in hours, depending on how close to the current time your contacts can book a meeting.

  • Prevent new meeting scheduling later then

Here, you can choose how many days in the future will be visible on the calendar at the time of booking.

Meeting metrics

In Reply, you can access all booked meetings of your team members on the Team performance dashboard of the Reports page. The dashboard allows you to understand which of them is performing best and gets “interested” responses from potential clients. For more information on meeting metrics, see this article.

Also, all meeting links sent from Reply sequences are tracked for clicks and are personalized. To find those prospects who clicked on them, use the corresponding filter on the People page, or simply go to the Stats tab inside the sequence.

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