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Are generic domains like, and accepted?
Are generic domains like, and accepted?

Learn which domains are accepted in Reply and why

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We are committed to ensuring high deliverability and inbox placement rates for all sent emails. As part of this, generic email domains like,, and similar ones are not accepted. Instead, we use only business or corporate domains for sending.

There are a few reasons behind this policy:

  1. Deliverability - generic email domains are more prone to being flagged as spam and are likely to be associated with mass providers. If your free account gets suspended, you will be less likely to restore it.

  2. Reputation and Trustworthiness - business domains typically have a higher credibility level leading to better engagement and response rates.

  3. Compliance and Best Practices - industry standards recommend using business domains for professional email communications.

  4. Limits - business domains have higher sending limits than generic ones. Thus with proper warming up services, you may send more.

While we accept generic domains as your login, adding an email account with such a domain is impossible. Here is a notification you may see if you try to add it๐Ÿ‘‡

If you have any other questions left or need help adding your mailbox, please message our Support team anytime.

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