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Integration with Copper CRM (ProsperWorks)
Integration with Copper CRM (ProsperWorks)

Learn how to make the most of Reply integration with your Copper account: connect apps, sync data, map fields and automate workflows.

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This article describes how to integrate your Reply account with the Copper account.

Copper provides you with a CRM solution that can simply and efficiently automate, organize, and synchronize every customer-facing area within your company.

Set up integration

To integrate your Reply account with Copper:

  1. Open the Integrations page of your Reply account, select Copper CRM, and click Connect.

  2. In the Copper Authentication popup, enter your API key and your Copper account email*.

  3. Click Authenticate.

Note: You can find the API Key under Settings - Preferences - API Keys section of the Copper account.

Select integration steps between Reply and Copper

There are two types of integration profiles - Default profile and Custom profile. The Default profile lets you begin using the integration out of the box. Alternatively, use the Custom profile if you want to set up the custom mapping of fields or filters between Copper and Reply.

After you have set up the integration, you must select the integration steps. By default, all steps are Active. To deactivate any step, toggle off the corresponding slider.

Currently, you can select Lead in Copper with People in Reply and Person in Copper with People in Reply. However, you can configure field mappings, set up filtering rules, and add actions to each step.

Configure field mappings

To configure field mappings for any step:

  1. Hover over the step and click the Open step icon.

  2. Expand the Field mappings section.

  3. Click Add field mapping.

  4. Under COPPER FIELDS, select the required mapping and match it with the mapping under REPLY FIELDS.

  5. Click Save.

!!! Important !!!

Each Person in Copper may have several emails at the same time, for example two Work Emails and one Personal Email. Reply has only one Email field that it uses to store the primary Person's email. In this case, Reply takes the first Work Email and uses it in the Email field of the contact in Reply. If there is no Work Email, Reply uses the Personal Email as the primary person's email. If there is no Personal Email, Reply uses the Other Email as the primary person's email. If a person in Copper has several emails, only one email will be displayed and synchronized in Reply.

You also can map other email fields to custom fields in Reply if you need to get more information about the contact.

Set up filtering rules

You can set up filtering rules to sync only those leads and prospects that match your conditions. For example, you have specified the Country field in field mappings, but you want to synchronize only those leads that live in the United States. To do this:

  1. Expand the Filtering rules section.

  2. Click Add new rule.

  3. In the Select Copper field drop down list, select the Country field.

  4. In the Select condition drop down list, select the Equals field.

  5. In the Text field, enter United States.

  6. Click Save.

Add action

You can add an action to any integration step. Currently, only the Move to sequence action is available. If you enable this action, the Actions section appears under the Filtering rules section. Use it to move leads or persons to a sequence(s) in Reply.

Clone step

If you click Clone step, Reply will create a new step with the same settings as in the original step.

Delete step

You can delete any step by clicking the Remove step button.

Note: In case the contact has been synchronized from Copper to Reply, the system creates a direct link to the contact in the contact sidebar. Click on the link to open it in the new tab.

You can filter contacts with Copper integration on the People page by adding a custom filter:

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