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How to improve email open rate
How to improve email open rate

This article describes how to increase open rate of cold emails and give your sequence much more chances for replies.

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Use a creative subject

Make sure that you come up with a subject line as creative as possible to achieve good email open rate. This means that your subject line should be interesting enough to make people open your email.


Examples: “Do not open this email”, “Be aware, cold email ahead”, “Any chance you can help?”

Include company name

Whether you’re trying to reach out to an employee of a certain company or your B2B prospect, including company name in the subject can make it for you. With Reply, you can do this as easily, as pasting the {Company} variable in your template’s subject line.


Examples: “ClearVision”, “ClearVision <-> YourCompany”, “Looking for HR contact at ClearVision”

Personalize your subject lines

Create a custom variable for your prospect list in email automation app that would include some very personal information – the last article they’ve published, a recent project they’ve been working on.


Examples: “Thanks for your article in Business Insider”, “Invite for the free startup law Q&A in Palo Alto”

Do not force it

Use the first-step email to tell about them and how you can help them. Bring some real value to your leads and they won’t make you wait for long. Do not expect them to get back to you unless you do several follow ups.


Examples: “Intro”, “Your advice needed”, “Looking for the feedback”

Check your Sender Name field

Make sure your sender name is real and looks professional according to your presence in social media or field resources online.


Examples: “Sandip Maheshwari want to talk to you :)”, “PS: Share this post if you like it

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