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How Data Enrichment Works in Reply
How Data Enrichment Works in Reply

Learn how to update and enrich your contact and account information, ensuring complete and accurate records without missing fields

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Understanding Data Enrichment in Reply

When using contact data for outreach, you may encounter the problem of outdated information, missing fields, or the absence of some details. To fill all the gaps and ensure you have access to all necessary information, you can use data enrichment which initiates updating and augmenting data with more up-to-date context.

Data enrichment works based on Reply's Data, a comprehensive B2B database with over 100 million contacts spanning various industries. For each contact or account, the database provides essential information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and additional details like department, company address, and much more. With regular updates, Reply's Data ensures the accuracy and currency of the enriched fields.

Consequently, you can enhance the data for any contact or account added to Reply through various methods, incorporating more relevant details. This allows for more effective communication and engagement with your audience.

How Exactly Can You Enrich Data:

  1. Import CSV + Enrichment: Import your contacts or accounts via a CSV file and enrich the data simultaneously.

  2. Single Prospect Enrichment: Directly enrich data for individual prospects or accounts on the platform.

  3. Bulk Enrichment: Apply data enrichment to multiple entries at once on the platform.

​What Contact/Account Fields You Can Enrich:

  • Standard Fields Enrichment: This option updates only the empty default fields. It's designed to enhance the existing information without adding new data points.

  • Extended Enrichment with Custom Fields: This option allows for the creation of up to 24 custom properties. It enables the storage of more detailed information obtained from Reply Data, such as revenue, seniority, department, address, and company LinkedIn URL.

Required Details for Contact Data Enrichment

For contact data enrichment, provide at least one of these details:

  • LinkedIn Profile URL

  • Email Address

  • Full Name and Account Name

  • Full Name and Account Domain

Billing Details for Data Enrichment Services

To use data enrichment services, your account must have a sufficient amount of data credits. The billing structure is straightforward:

  • Enriching data for one contact consumes one data credit:

    1 enrich for one contact = 1 data credit

If your account lacks sufficient credits for your enrichment needs, you have two options: either limit the number of contacts you wish to enrich to match your current credit balance or purchase additional credits to meet your requirements. It's important to note that each enrichment action is capped at a maximum of 10,000 contacts. Data credits will be deducted from your account for each successfully enriched entity.

How to Enrich the Data on the People Page

To enrich the missing data of your contacts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the People page from the header menu, then navigate to the Contacts tab.

  2. Choose the contacts you want to enrich:

    • You can select a single contact.

    • Select multiple contacts.

    • Opt to select all contacts on the page by clicking "All" at the top.

  3. Click on the "Enrich" button at the top of the grid.

    When you hover over the button, a tooltip will appear, displaying the number of credits used/available and the next refill date.

  4. Select the preferred flow for enrichment:

    • Standard fields enrichment

      Selecting this option will result in the population of only the default fields.

    • Extended enrichment with custom fields

      By choosing this option, you will enable the creation of 24 unique custom fields for the contacts. Refer to the support article for a detailed list and information about custom fields.

      Please note that the selected flow will be applied to all chosen contacts, altering the overall contact scheme in your Reply account.

  5. Click Start Enriching.

That's it! The contacts data will be filled with new and missing fields.

Detailed information about the enrichment will be sent to the Notification Center.

Click the link in the notification to view all the contacts that were enriched.

How to Enrich the Data on the Contact Sidebar

  1. Open the contact sidebar by clicking on the contact.

  2. Click on the Enrich button on the sidebar.

Enrich Missing Fields While Creating Personalized Emails

When creating a sequence in Reply, you can use Jason AI personalization and mainly the "Opener" category to craft unique emails for each contact based on their data. Any missing fields in the contacts profile will disrupt this process. However, you can enrich all the required fields directly from the sequence step and resume your personalization process.

To check what fields are missing, navigate to the Preview tab within the Sequence wizard. Here, you can check the contacts with missing fields in the left panel, as well as review the content of each email in the main view. In the email templates, all missing variables will be highlighted for easy identification and resolution.

Hover over the missing field icon to view more details on it.

To enrich the missing fields and resume personalization, click View contact profile on the top. Then, on the contact sidebar, click three horizontal dots and click Enrich.

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