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Monitoring LinkedIn Connection Request States
Monitoring LinkedIn Connection Request States

Learn how to check the statuses of the LinkedIn connection requests sent to your contacts within a sequence

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When initiating a sequence that involves sending connection requests on LinkedIn, you gain the ability to track the progress of these requests for each contact. This information helps you stay informed about the progress of your connection requests, allowing you to track when the request is accepted and the connection is established. As a result, you can easily understand the outcome of each interaction.

Checking LinkedIn Connection Request States

To check the LinkedIn connection request state, open the People page from the top header menu and navigate to the Contacts tab. You can also access the same tab by opening a particular sequence and navigating to the People grid.

Then, use the columns:



  • LinkedIn profile

The link to the profile of the contact to whom you have sent the connection request.

  • LinkedIn connection

The status of the connection request.

  • Sending LinkedIn Account

The LinkedIn account is connected to the sequence to send messages and requests.

Please note. If the columns are not shown in the grid, make them visible by clicking on the three horizontal dots in the right corner of the grid and then checking the corresponding columns.

Filter contacts by LinkedIn connection state

You can also filter contacts based on their LinkedIn connection status. To do this:

  1. Click the 'Add filter' button at the top of the grid.

  2. Select the 'LinkedIn Connection Status' property in the pop-up.

  3. Choose the desired condition (either 'Is' or 'Is Not') followed by the specific status.

  4. Click 'Save'.

LinkedIn connections statuses

Here are all the states of LinkedIn connection requests and their descriptions:




When you initiate a sequence with LinkedIn connection request steps, the initial status of the requests will be marked as "Unchecked."

This means that the connection request's outcome is yet to be determined. We are awaiting the contact's response to the request and the system will promptly update the status once the contact interacts with the LinkedIn request.

Connection forbidden

The status indicates a scenario where the contact has restricted the ability to receive connection requests on their LinkedIn account. This restriction results in the automatic skipping of the connection request step in your sequence.


The status indicates that a connection request has been sent to a contact on LinkedIn, but it has not yet been accepted by the recipient.


This status is applicable under two circumstances:

  • Connection request accepted: the contact has received a connection request and has accepted it.

  • Previous connection request accepted: in some cases, the system detects that a connection request from a previous interaction has been accepted by the contact.

This status indicates a successful establishment of a connection between you and the contact on LinkedIn. Once the contact is connected, they proceed to the next LinkedIn step in the sequence.

Invalid URL

The status indicates that there was a verification failure when attempting to validate the LinkedIn URL associated with the contact.

This verification failure can occur for two reasons:

  • No LinkedIn URL: The contact's LinkedIn URL is not set up, meaning that no URL is provided or linked to their profile.

  • Invalid LinkedIn URL: The LinkedIn URL provided by the contact is either inaccurate, improperly formatted, or leads to a non-functional page.

Please update the URL in the contact's profile to proceed with the connection.

Not Connected

The status indicates that the initial step of attempting a LinkedIn connection has not been successfully established.

In this scenario, the sequence might have been designed to begin with a LinkedIn message step, assuming that a connection already exists. However, since there's no connection, the LinkedIn message cannot be sent. Please update the sequence and make Connection Request the first step.

Important Note:

  • If a contact is added to multiple sequences, be aware that one connection request state may override another.

  • The connection state does not impact the processing of other LinkedIn steps in sequence like "Automatic View Profile", "Like Recent Posts", and "InMail". Regardless of whether the connection request has been accepted or not, these steps will be executed.

Recently, LinkedIn updated the limits for personalized messages in invitations. As for now, if you use a free LinkedIn account, you are limited to up to 10 personalized invitations. Additionally, the number of LinkedIn invitation message characters has decreased from 300 to 200.

The system imposes a 40-hour retry limit for assessing the status of a connection request. After reaching this threshold, a new attempt to determine the connection status can only be made by initiating a new automated LinkedIn step for the respective prospect.

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