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How to Connect a LinkedIn Account with Automatic Session Cookie to Reply
How to Connect a LinkedIn Account with Automatic Session Cookie to Reply

Learn how to connect your LinkedIn account to Reply via auto cookie using Chrome Extensions, enhancing outreach efficiency

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Integrate your LinkedIn account with Reply for streamlined outreach automation. Set up auto cookies to seamlessly connect your profile with Reply, unlocking a range of powerful features.

Previously, you had to manually add a session cookie to connect, which was time-consuming. Now, Reply has upgraded, letting you connect automatically by signing in from Reply's Findy or Chrome Extension.

Connecting Your LinkedIn Account to Reply

Follow this step-by-step instructions for this straightforward process, allowing you to optimize your LinkedIn outreach efforts effectively:

1. Access Reply's settings page:

Open Reply's Settings from the top menu in the header, navigate to the LinkedIn Accounts tab, and click the New account button to initiate the process.

2. Installation Process: If you haven't already installed Reply's Chrome extensions, Findy, or Chrome Extension, you'll be prompted to do so.

Please note that the on-screen instructions will prompt you to Chrome Web Store to install the Reply's base extension - LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach. However, you can also use Findy to connect your LinkedIn account. Here is a more detailed guide on how to install Findy.

3. Logging In:

Once the extension is installed, sign in using your Reply credentials. Then, you'll be directed to log in to your LinkedIn account. Simply enter your LinkedIn credentials to proceed.

4. Automatic Connection:

With your LinkedIn account logged in via the extension, Reply will automatically add the necessary auto-cookie to facilitate seamless integration. No manual intervention is required on your part.

Click Connect.

5. Enable Proxy Settings and Finalize the Connection:

After adding the auto-cookie, configure proxy settings and grant Reply access to your location. To better understand how proxy settings work and why they are important, please refer to this article.

Click 'Detect Location' to initiate it. A browser pop-up will request your location access. Granting this access completes the proxy setup, aligning Reply's access with your actual location (manually inputting your location using a map tool is also available).

Important note. You can only complete the connection of your LinkedIn account to Reply after adding the auto cookie and configuring the proxy settings.

You can then redetect your location using Reply if it changes.

Important notes on Proxy settings:

  • Location Updates: Always update your location in the Settings β†’ LinkedIn Accounts if you change your geographical location. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity of the automation process.

  • Account Usage Recommendations: For optimal security, it's advisable to access your LinkedIn account from a single device and location. Sharing your account across multiple devices or locations can lead to discrepancies and potentially disrupt your automation efforts.

That's it! Your session cookie validation is done. Your LinkedIn account is connected to Reply and is ready to use.

Make sure the toggle near your profile's photo is green which means it is active and can be used to keep the LinkedIn automation running. If it is gray, switch the toggle and refresh the page.

Reply automatically updates the session cookies from Chrome Extension. However, you can also click the Refresh button to refresh the session by yourself.

Set Limits for LinkedIn Account

You can also set Safety limits for your account. These settings are located right near the profile info and session cookie.

You can set the following daily limits:

  • Connection requests

  • View Profile

  • Like Recent Posts

  • Messages

  • InMail

  • Sales Navigator Connect

  • Replies Detection

By default, each of these limitations is set to 30 per day for safety reasons.

Adding Additional LinkedIn Accounts to Reply

To add a second, third, or more LinkedIn accounts to Reply, it's important to note that an automatic session cookie can only be passed to one LinkedIn account at a time. However, you can still include multiple accounts by manually adding session cookies, as outlined in this article.

Important: To successfully add second, third, or more LinkedIn accounts using session cookies, it's essential to utilize the Incognito tab in your browser. This ensures smooth integration and prevents conflicts between multiple accounts.

LinkedIn Account Interaction Insights

To access information and statistics regarding interactions made by a LinkedIn account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the LinkedIn Accounts page.

  2. Here, you'll find detailed insights into various actions performed through your LinkedIn account, including:

    • Session Cookie

    • Connection Requests

    • Messages

    • InMails

    • Replies

This feature provides valuable data to help you analyze and optimize your LinkedIn outreach efforts effectively.

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