You can set up an integration between HubSpot and Reply to synchronize your data between both platforms. For more information on how to create the integration, refer to the following article.

Add synchronization steps

To enable synchronization:

  1. Log into your Reply account.

  2. Open the Integrations page, select HubSpot, and click Configure.

  3. In the Steps section, click Add sync step.

  4. In the Add sync step dialog box, select the suitable option(s):

  • (from) Contacts in HubSpot - (to) People in Reply

  • (from) People in Reply - (to) Contacts in HubSpot

  • (from) People Statuses in Reply - (to) Lead Statuses in HubSpot

  • (from) Inbox Categories in Reply - (to) Lead Statuses in HubSpot

5. Click Add.
6. Toggle the Activate slider on.

Add field mappings to a step

In order to configure field mapping, all basic and custom fields on the Reply and HubSpot sides are available.

To add field mappings to a sync step:

  1. Hover over the step and click on the Settings icon.

  2. Expand the Field mappings section.

  3. Click Add field mapping.

  4. Select fields using the HUBSPOT FIELDS and REPLY FIELDS drop-down lists.

  5. Click Save.

In addition, you can map contact owners for the step People in Reply -> Contacts in HubSpot:

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