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Update to sending emails from generic domains (,, etc)
Update to sending emails from generic domains (,, etc)
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To all clients,

For years has been a tool with one aim, to be the unanimous partner for all professionals on their cold email journeys. Today, we take that one step further.

Reply sequences are designed to add a sense of personalization to mass outreach projects while maintaining your business identity. In order to further cement that idea, we have decided to no longer support the use of generic domain addresses. Email addresses with generic domains like or will no longer be supported and only custom business domains will be accepted.

Effective today, May 15th, 2019, the Usage Policy has been updated to coincide with our collective views.

Currently, connected sender addresses will continue to function until the sequences they are running are complete or Gmail account is anyhow disconnected from Reply due to any reasons. Those sender addresses will no longer function as viable senders beyond that point.

We understand that this is a stark change with what you may be used to from the platform but we are here to assist during the transition. We highly recommend G-Suite as an alternative to the basic Gmail senders and if you are having trouble updating or connecting your new business domain, our Support team, as well as our Client Success team will be more than happy to assist you over chat or on the phone.

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