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Why Do I Need the Data Storage?
Why Do I Need the Data Storage?

And what does it mean for my Reply account data, stats and contact lists?

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In the course of using your Reply account, there may come a time when you wish to suspend your subscription temporarily but retain the essential data for future use. This is where the role of Data Storage becomes crucial.

If you want to access your data accumulated on the Reply platform, you can pause your subscription and/ or use the Data Storage.

Using the Data Storage means that all vital information, including contacts, sequences, settings, and integrations, remains secure and intact, even when you pause your subscription. It serves as a safe vault, allowing you to access this data at any time in the future without any time constraints.

Please note that when canceling your subscription, you cannot run sequences, manage contacts, or use integrations.

To use Data Storage, please contact our Support team via live chat or at

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