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Can I pause my subscription?
Can I pause my subscription?

Learn about possible options you can use to stop using Reply for a while

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There are two options that you can use to cancel your subscription:

  • Downgrade to a free plan

You can cancel your subscription to any of the paid plans and downgrade to a free plan at any time. In this case, you will pause your subscription to all paid features, including the ability to launch the sequences.

During the free plan, you can still access all of the data that was in use before, so you can check all your previous sequences, messages, contacts, and any other related data.

A free plan may restrict access to launch sequences, but it will still provide you with the benefits of the data product and other free features.

Read more about the possibilities of the free plan.

  • Use Data storage

If there is no need for you to access Reply's features at all, you can lock your account and use Data Storage.

In this case, your account will be stopped and locked, but all of your previously accumulated data will be saved and accessible.

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