The Steps tab of any sequence lets a user add and remove sequence steps, edit steps, change their order.

Adding a step

Use the Add Sequence Step button when you create a new sequence. When you click on it, the system opens the Select step type popup.

To add an additional step to an already existing sequence, click the + button at the top right corner of the Steps tab or the Create new step button at the bottom of the Steps tab.

You can also add a variant of the same step email for A/B testing to test several variants of emails sent randomly to your people in this sequence, to see which template variant gets better reply rates.

From here you can pause or resume any variant to improve sequence performance.

Editing a step

To edit, clone, pause or remove a variant of the Email step, hover over the needed variant and select the Edit, Clone or Remove button:

Changing step order

To change the order of steps in the sequence, drag-n-drop any step to the needed position. You can rearrange only the steps that do not have outgoing emails.

Removing a step

To remove a sequence step hover over the step template and find the Remove icon on the left side.

Please note, that once a step has been sent to at least 1 contact, it cannot be removed.

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